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Description The status of an APPOINTMENT SLOT. An APPOINTMENT SLOT can be booked to one APPOINTMENT or to more than one APPOINTMENT but it should be of one type only. The APPOINTMENT SLOT TYPE indicates the type of slot. This is to allow for a group of PATIENTS to share the same APPOINTMENT SLOT for group related care or therapy. For a slot which can be booked to more than one APPOINTMENT, the APPOINTMENT SLOT can be allocated to one or more APPOINTMENT OFFER. When an offer is accepted by, or on behalf of a PATIENT the slot becomes booked but still available for booking and allocation for any other offered appointment. APPOINTMENT SLOT STATUS should be used in conjuction with APPOINTMENT SLOT TYPE and APPOINTMENT OFFER SLOT STATUS to ensure correct allocation and booking of APPOINTMENTS. Any cancelled APPOINTMENT SLOTS, the APPOINTMENT SLOT STATUS should revert to not booked or no longer available.
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Usage Guidelines Authoritatively sourced from UK National Health Data Dictionary. Implementers please refer back to official website to verify most up to date version used
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